Eaglerock Setters

Butler, Pa 16002

Welcome to Eaglerock Setters!

Thank You for your interest in Eaglerock Setters. We pride ourselves on breeding some of the finest companion gun dogs ever to take to the field. Throughout the years we have carefully bred, culled, bred, culled and bred again in order to establish a line of English Setters that are worthy of being called an Eaglerock.

Our dogs are models of the classic Field Setter in their looks and hunting performance. This combined with a pleasant nature, biddable personality, eagerness to please and a general love for their owners makes the foundation for the Eaglerock line.

Just as we have painstakingly bred our dogs, we are just as particular and thorough in their placement. They are companion gundogs, and we want their new homes to be one in which they are an active member of the family as well as a hunting companion.

From Field to Fireplace, Simply the Finest, that is our motto and we stand behind it.

Cordially Yours,

Michael and Tammy Thompson

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